Our Manifesto

1) To provide marginalized women and children basic human rights and a life of dignity.

2) To provide to the underprivileged, vulnerable abused/orphaned girl child with a secure home and give her access to proper nutrition, healthcare and education.

3) To provide a healthy and happy childhood to each child that walks into our home.

4) To equip young adult women, of our home, with adequate education and vocational training to empower them and make them self reliant

5) To ensure that senior women live with security, healthcare and dignity in our old age home.

6) To Provide educational support to drop-out children from disadvantaged circumstances.

7) To provide therapeutic intervention/ counselling to any inmate of our Home, who requires it.

8) It is the vision of ABWU to ensure that every child enjoys the Cardinal principles of “Protection of Child Rights” so that they are educated, protected, respected and valued and thereby, grow up to live with dignity.