What We Do

Children are a major part of the “home” created by ABWU. Team ABWU work incessantly for child protection and child education. Abandoned, abused or orphaned children are brought to our Home by government /non government help agencies. These children (sometimes infants) are provided with immediate shelter, security, healthcare, nutrition and trauma counseling. The children above the age of five are subsequently sent to our in-house nursery (Balwadi) or primary school according to their age.

In accordance with the Right to Education Act, all the res ident girls receive formal education based on their individual capabilities. The children from nearby slums come to our nursery and primary school. These children not only get education here but also are served nutritious food during lunch hour. The children also participate in various extra-curricular activities viz. Music, Dance, Karate, Hockey, Dance Movement therapy, Computer, Drawing and Krav Maga. Some of the children are girl guides and some participate in various social welfare activities as members of “The International Award for Young People, India” (The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association). A significant number of girls participate in Skill Development/ Vocational Training in our in-house training center. This is in keeping with the Government’s directive of encouraging girls above 14 years of age to learn skills which may help them to be gainfully employed in case, further education is not pursued. From time to time, the students participated in Inter School activities viz. dance, drawing competition, debate, karate, art, etc. In our Special Education Class, we have five girls who are slow-learners who are taken care of by a Special Educator. They also attend Occupational Therapy like spice grinding, bakery and various art and craft. At ABWU, all Members, staff, care-givers and volunteers are sensitized to strictly adhere to the Child Protection Policy viz. Right to Survival, Right to Development, Right to Protection and Right to Participation. The behavior protocols of all care-givers have been laid down, devised to ensure that the best interests of the children is always protected. Many of these disadvantaged children need counseling /therapy, we try our best to provide them proper counseling through professional counselors

*Our Children Home is licensed under Juvenile Justice(for the care and protection) Act 2000. CHILD PROTECTION AND EDUCATION *

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela