Never say goodbye, always say thank you

Never say goodbye, always say thank you

Following is an excerpt from the  communication received from one of the FkNorway exchange program interns, which touched our heart and  is very encouraging for us, at ABWU.


These are very personal feelings of my mind , while I finished my terms here,   I can’t help  sharing my lifetime memory . ABWU-All Bengal Woman’s Union is the name of an emotional attachment to me. It became much  more than a work place for me for past year. Though I have come here for my job placement but I became very close with this environment in these last 9 months. The reason for this is the nature of their work and the loving people surrounding it. The  shelter home for infant adult and senior women  is  like a huge  family. Every ward  of the home especially children are getting various facilities  such as education with extra curriculum activities like song, dance, self defiance, karate, art, sports and many more which are probably not possible to arrange for each and every individual family under the strained circumstances.

The website ( of the home  illustrates the  tremendous support it provides to helpless children and women.. So I am not discussing on that, I will go from a different view. The first thing that strikes a visitor here is that each and every member of the union, who have volunteered to work for the cause, are   so devoted and attached with their work and are so close to every individual here that it is a  praise praiseworthy

And about the staffs what I say would be less, for all of them. I will recall every moment I spent with them, their caring, their concern towards us and their sweet fighting among themselves. It’s a great lesson for me that they shared their food in every lunch with us. This is the image of ALL Bengal actually, that, whatever you have share with others.

The children who are staying here some of them are very promising and in life skill classes I found most of them are very quick in absorbing. Some of them are very good in dancing, singing and recitation.

I wish a long journey for  ABWU in helping the helpless people and a great future to all girls, staff and members of this home. In near future definitely I will come to visit this home again. Here I shared some sweet memories. Thank you and enjoy life.

Sangeeta Ghose

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