Old age women's home In 1987 an Old Age Women's Home was started. It is significant that some of the women who look upon ABWU as their "Baper Bari" came back again to spend their twilight years in peace and tranquility.
Bindu runs away from her home in East Pakistan after the partition. She was brutalized, and the trauma of the partition never left her. Having found safe shelter at the HOME, she was taught various skills so as to make her self-reliant. In the meantime she gave birth to a girl, who was well educated at the HOME. As she grew and well in love with a boy, she was married off.
After a year or two she gave birth to a girl, but her happiness was short lived. It was found that she was suffering from cancer and her days are numbered. After her death, today her mother and her daughter are both in the shelter of ABWU.
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Old age women's home Old age women's home
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2.   The NGO is organizing year long activities on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of ABWU Children's Welfare Home and ABWU Primary School
3.   All Bengal Women's Union is celebrating its 75 years of inception
4.   A workshop is being organized at the headquarters for the Muslim women for their rights & legal status. This is specially meant for the women and girls of the surrounding areas. Renowned public prosecutor "Mr. Taj Mohammed" will preside over the workshop.
5.   The NGO has helped a Bangladeshi girl to get repatriated to her homeland with the help of NGOs from bangladesh.
6.   The children at the NGO are performing a dance drama on Rabindranath Tagore's songs called Dhanu Singher Dadabali based on Vaishnav Sangeet. They would be performing on 31st August, 2007 at Kala Mandir, Kolkata. Interested persons may contact office.