Counseling Since the children and young adults come from a very vulnerable background they are highly traumatized and are resistant to any kind of communication.

Malnourishment diseases like tuberculosis, anaemia, skin and eye problems are treated by the doctors. ABWU is running a counseling project where the children are given mental therapy through play, music and various group discussions. This helps them to heal up their wounds gradually.

Psychological Counseling Training Program: While working with the disadvantaged women and children it was found that rehabilitation was not possible without psychological therapy. Hence ABWU started a one year training course in psychological counseling for the care givers of the different shelter homes.

Since lots of children have learning difficulties, the organization has started an observation & screening center whereby these psychometric testing is conducted to determine their learning capacity. These children are accordingly placed in various learning classes based on their abilities.

Both these programs are sponsored by Hope Kolkata Foundation.
  Counseling to the neglected women and children
Child in need of care
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2.   The NGO is organizing year long activities on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of ABWU Children's Welfare Home and ABWU Primary School
3.   All Bengal Women's Union is celebrating its 75 years of inception
4.   A workshop is being organized at the headquarters for the Muslim women for their rights & legal status. This is specially meant for the women and girls of the surrounding areas. Renowned public prosecutor "Mr. Taj Mohammed" will preside over the workshop.
5.   The NGO has helped a Bangladeshi girl to get repatriated to her homeland with the help of NGOs from bangladesh.
6.   The children at the NGO are performing a dance drama on Rabindranath Tagore's songs called Dhanu Singher Dadabali based on Vaishnav Sangeet. They would be performing on 31st August, 2007 at Kala Mandir, Kolkata. Interested persons may contact office.