11th October, 2020

One Afternoon in Kolkata

One Afternoon in Kolkata
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I spent a few golden hours meeting Priya  and Jiya(names changed) at the ABWU Home. As soon as I walked in, I was surrounded by all the children there, naughty and innocent, boisterous and shy, full of energy and excitement. How do children do it? Lift our spirits up just by being themselves? 


The journey to the ABWU Home had begun with my wedding. We had promised to donate a part of the money we received as gifts, and when we heard that for a small sum—the price of one dinner out—we could support one little girl for an entire month, covering her meals and educational expenses. We decided to sponsor two little girls. The bank transfer took no time and we were told our wards were Priya and Jiya, sisters, who are present in the picture attached. 


The home is very protective of the privacy of its residents, so we only heard general details of the circumstances these lovely children had had to face, not just Priya and jiya, but all the rest. The stories are heart-rending. For them to have a place where they can feel safe and cared for is critical, and it felt right to us to support the ABWU Home and all its work for these children. 


I wish I was living in Kolkata just so I could visit them more! They were so excited to see me, and it was time beautifully spent. Although I live, right now, in a far off country,  I'd love to  visit  ABWU from time to time to say hello to everyone there. 


I can imagine it right now—sitting down with one child in my lap, with three others clambering onto me, holding my hand, speaking to me in their baby voices or smiling shyly. It is a memory I treasure, of one golden afternoon in Kolkata. 



05th October, 2020

Mark Write

Nice one!

05th October, 2020

Aniruddha Banik

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